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DSS, Inc. specializes in account recovery services locally and nationwide. Serving a diverse client base for nearly 6 years, DSS, Inc. has proven recovery strategies and has built a solid reputation.

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Handling hostility professionally


In many cases, it's usually the collection agency on the wrong side of threats and insults! Most people don't like to be confronted when they owe money and may take an aggressive attitude towards the collector. Not to worry: professional collection agents are familiar with this and know how to handle these calls without succumbing to a verbal war.


Collections are considered an element of customer service. After all, the collection agency is working on behalf of a company that doesn't want to be viewed in a negative light. Agencies take this philosophy to heart when working with clients. Like all good customer service representatives, the collectors are still able to explain to the client the importance of paying the money owed to the business in a timely fashion while making the process as painless as possible.


Q: What are my rights as a creditor?

There are limits on creditors put forth by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and further limits vary by state. However, you have rights too!


You have the right to initiate collection action. You have the right to turn your client's account to another business who performs professional accounts receivable collections. You have the right to repossess items purchased using secured debt. You have the right to the use of legal or court actions. You have the right to share in your client's distributions.


If you are seeking help to recover the funds owed to you, be sure to consult with a seasoned, professional, and licensed accounts receivable collection agency. Above all, this will give you peace of mind that your clients are treated courteously and within the confines of the law.


Agency News

Knowing how to deal with certain customer profiles is especially important in the collection process, and is an essential component to helping your business stay liquid. The correct combination of diplomacy and professionalism is fundamental to connecting with a client. However, these attributes are not enough to ensure a winning strategy that gets you paid.


Some clients require more urging than others. In order to ensure your efforts are effective, you need a collection system that drives your objectives forward.

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